Friday, July 30, 2010

Who's that Lady?: A Birth Story

I have been happily absent for the last three months and I think it is time to catch up on the exciting conclusion of Inconceivable.

May went by quickly with my birthday and wrapping up things at work and the general excitement of preparing for Fancy Fetus. A week and a half before my due date, I started having contractions late one Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning. They were uncomfortable but not unbearable. I waited it out and finally decided to go into work late. I put on this summery dress that really accentuated my lovely lady lumps (in the back the back and in the front) and some tall boots. I thought I looked pretty hot for being 15 months pregnant. My husband went into the city with me and when we got on the train, this guys starts singing a little loudly: "Who's that lady? Sexy Lady, with the baby. She got her high boots on." I figured it was about me when he said "with the baby", but the high boots clarified it. Matt swiftly spirited me to the next car.

I was scheduled to start training my replacement that day as well as run a group, so despite the contractions, I had to be on. I worked until 8:30pm and the contractions really kicked in on the way home.

During the night the contractions got progressively worse and sleep became impossible. I had my check up that morning and my dr. put me at 3 1/2 centimeters and fully effaced. So rather than go into work, my husband and I went to Bouchon Bakery (the same place where we celebrated my first IUI round and the discovery that I was having a girl) and then to Baby Gap. At this point the contractions went from uncomfortable to painful, but still not unbearable. It was a beautiful day to be in labor so we walked around a little more and then proceeded home.

Next Up: Arrested Development