Thursday, January 21, 2010

Holiday ReCap

I have been offline for while with the multi-city Christmas extravaganza and haven't been updating, but there were a very cherished holidays moments that deserve to be recorded for posterity.

1. Being dismissively told at LGA that we didn't have seat assignments and that they might be able to get us out "sometime this week."
2. The blizzard that kept us huddled at my in-laws for what seemed like 2 weeks.
3. The Delta crew forgetting to de-ice our plane which caused us to miss our connection by 10 minutes, but then resulted in first class tickets for the next leg of the trip.
4. Birthday cake disasters
and finally
5. Puking on the return flight. In the back galley of the plane ...everywhere.

Notice how the worst ones involved air travel. That last one really endeared me to the flight attendants who, by the way, COULD NOT FIND A BARF BAG for me. I gave them ample warning and desperately tried to wait until the bathrooms were unoccupied. I think they thought I was still hungover from New Years because the guy appeared to not believe me when I told him I was pregnant.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fancy Fetus

When we last left off, I was sitting on some important news, but because I know there is at least one person out there who still reads this, I kept it to myself until I could tell her in person. So now that she knows, here is the big scoop.

At my dr's appt at my 17 week check up, I talked my dr into telling me the gender despite the fact that my husband couldn't be there and my dr's insistence that people from Brooklyn always want to be surprised. He asked me if I had a preference to which I of course replied: "I just want a healthy baby", and then told me it was a girl. I then squealed: "well I really wanted a girl." He advised me not to decorate the nursery until my 20 week anatomy scan, but he was pretty certain it was a girl.

Fast forward 4 weeks later for the full anatomy scan (which was creepy awesome by the way), and I was slightly nervous that the ultrasound would reveal a developmental problem, but I was really nervous that they would be like, "um, it's a boy. " I was already invested in it being a girl baby - I mean REALLY. Much to our relief she is still a girl. We have had a girl's named picked out for a while (since I was like 20 years old), but couldn't settle on a boy's name. We have also been calling the baby Fancy Fetus and it is starting to stick with family and friends, and it just seemed wrong for a baby boy, so crisis averted.

I am so thrilled. Another May girl, just like me, my lovely twin and my fabulous mother!