Sunday, March 7, 2010

Confetti Eyes

I have had some weird physical ailments throughout the pregnancy (allergies to the F train, pregnancy induced claustrophobia, phantom whiplash) but the latest one is by far the strangest. I call it Confetti Eyes. On Friday, I was at my computer nearly the entire day and by the day's end, I had this dancing light in my left peripheral vision. At first I thought it was spots from talking to someone who was back lit by the sunshine, but then it got worse. There was an arc of a bubble-like static that went where ever I looked and then it started to look like confetti falling in my cornea. I must admit, I was a little concerned. I could see, but it was becoming uncomfortable to look at things or to focus. The thought of commuting home with a station sign-off pattern in my field of vision was making me almost as jumpy as my eye. It finally resolved itself after I sat in a dark room with my eyes closed for a few minutes despite the fact that with my eyes closed, I could still see the confetti.

I am not really sure if this is pregnancy related or why it came on and went away so suddenly. It was probably fatigue from staring at the computer - which is why I probably shouldn't be on the computer now, but if this is going to happen again, I want it to be after I have had the baby and am adequately sloshed so that I have a good excuse to see gold foil raining down.

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