Friday, April 2, 2010

Baby Phat

I think I need to put my baby on a diet. I had my 32 week visit on Thursday, and she is measuring in on the large side - already a pound more than at my 30 week visit. Here legs are also measuring at 34 weeks. I am fine with her having long legs - she has been a called a Rockette before, but I really hope I don't have to push out a 9 lbs baby. I know the ultrasounds aren't always accurate, so I am trying not to be too nervous about this. Everything else looked good on the scan. We were able to see her eyes move around which was a little creepy but also so amazing. I checked out ok too. I have yet to have any fearsome bloating, (I hate to write it because I don't want to jinx it) and haven't gained much weight. I know I am going to get bigger and may even get puffy, but so far, I have been happy with the pregnancy from a purely vain perspective.

We also started our birthing class last week, in a really overheated, crowded room (why would you cram 10 pregnant women and their partners in a stuffy room for hours? I guess they wanted to mimic the suffering of labor.) It's a five week session and lasts 3 hrs per class, so I am hoping that my labor isn't as endless as these classes. The teacher is an avid Lamaze advocate and little quirky as I suspected she would be. Overall, the first class was okay. Much of it was a review of things I had read in the "Girlfriends Guide of What to Expect When I'm Pregnant for Dummies!" So spare me the 30 minute detailed play by play of effacement.

The most useful part was getting to practice some labor positions. My favorite one was what I call the Knocked-up Prom Picture:husband behind wife with his arms around the belly. When we first started practicing the positions, I had a terrible feeling that, like at my tango classes, they would make us rotate partners. Thankfully, I didn't have to pant with a stranger. At the start of each contraction, we were taught to take in a deep "cleansing breath." I am quite possibly the only yoga teacher that would role my eyes at that, and I did. Cleansing breath? Breath of Fire maybe. Or maybe I could get on board with calling it breathing with the pain, but cleansing breath makes it sound so tranquil and healing (say tranquil in a low/slow whisper). Let's get real here, I think once those big ass contractions get going, there will be no zen in the vicinity. After about 6 cleansing breathes, I needed to get my husband off of me because it didn't feel all the cleansing to be held and stroked when it was 95 degrees and there was sweat pooling in the little space left between my massive cleavage and my watermelon belly.

I can't believe I am already 8 months. The weather is starting to warm up and the sun is shining bright today. Damn, I am lucky!

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