Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do I Make You Sleepy?

It seems that whenever I get on a train these days everyone with a seat is suddenly narcoleptic. I have never seen people fall asleep so fast! The minute I get seat, however, everyone wakes,refreshed from the 10 minute nap. Adolescent boys are the rudest. They will look right at you and not budge even though they may be getting off on the next stop. I swear a pregnant woman on crutches could be standing in front of them and they wouldn't move. Overall I have found that women between 30-50 are most likely to give up their seat. But it is a damn shame how lazy and/or oblivious people are to their fellow commuters. I know we are all tired and no one wants to stand for 35 minutes, but when I have to give up my seat for on old lady, something is wrong. Yes, my 8 1/2 month pregnant bum stood up so a lady with a cane could have a seat, and not one other person offered to trade their seat for me.

The newest peril of my commute is the subway stairs. My legs have become jelly blobs that give out in protest after about 10 steps up. A low-grade incline is leaving me breathless. As a relatively active and athletic person, I am dismayed to be waddling up stairs. I haven't even been doing any yoga and when I went to the gym on Sunday, I didn't think I would last 10 minutes at level 1 on the elliptical.

But those are all minor inconveniences because throughout the day, I get to feel my little girl's knee, elbow or foot nudging me. And despite the annoyance of her constant hiccups, I am so glad to know she is there!

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